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Our Adventures!

Coleen Bolton - owner/ceo

I can't believe I have been a travel agent since 2001!  I have had many memorable experiences over the years and plan to have many more.  I have always had a passion for travel and helping others so I put those together and became a travel agent.  In this past year I have cruised the Caribbean, Alaska, British Isles, a Trans-Pacific that went Honolulu to Sydney, and a Christmas Market cruise on the Danube.   


Over the years I have been on many travel adventures including Galapagos, South Africa, the Panama Canal,  Northern Europe, and river cruise down the Rhine and Moselle.  I look at each trip as a research opportunity so I can find the best ways to help my clients enjoy a stress-free vacation.  I will share my experiences with you along with tips, suggestions, and travel news that will help you on your own travel adventures.   I enjoy taking care of all the details so you can use your precious vacation time just enjoying every minute.  I am available to my clients before, during, and after their vacations should any needs arise.   My clients have multiple ways to contact me in case of an emergency. 

I live in Central Florida so all the big Theme Parks are sort of like my backyard and the beaches on both coasts are like my sandbox.   I stay on top of everything going on around Central Florida and put all of that to use when planning vacations to this area.  I do also have another website for all your theme park related travel and more. You can visit for more on that.

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